Booking Terms and Conditions

Prices and Conditions

Any verbal quote given is only an estimate of the price at the time of enquiry, which will be subject to change until confirmation of your reservation by us.

Prices listed are in Australian Dollars (AU$) and are inclusive of GST. Prices are current at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice.

All prices, conditions and information regarding your travel should be checked prior to making a booking. Specific fare conditions may apply and these can be viewed in our Fare Types or they will be noted on the fare advertising information.

Concession prices: The Savannahlander offers concessions and discounts to a range of customer types. Please view our Discounted Fares page for details.  All Concession numbers for concession fares MUST BE QUOTED AT THE TIME OF BOOKING – once the invoices have been issued for your tour package we cannot apply concession rates retrospectively.

Deposits and Booking Orders

There is a non-refundable deposit of $150 per person for all tours.  (this does not include rail-fare only bookings).  In the event that we cannot supply your requested tour the deposit will be refunded in full, however for any re-bookings or cancellations the deposit will be forfeited.  This includes changes to existing bookings if new dates become available through the course of the year.

Upon confirmation of your tour you will be sent an invoice for the balance of your tour and full payment is due 30 days prior to travel.

Bookings will be processed strictly on the basis that they are received with a completed deposit.

Amendments, Cancellation and Refunds

Full payment for your tour is due 30 days prior to travel. We offer a full refund (less your deposit) for cancellations made greater than 14 days prior to departure.  All cancellations made with 14 days or less notice from the date of departure will not be refunded.

We reserve the right to change or cancel your booking in accordance with operating requirements or due to circumstances beyond our control. We are not responsible for costs of any other travel arrangements affected by changes to or cancellation of your booking.

Without limitation, we will not be responsible if the Product is not available due to force majeure, including but not limited to, civil unrest, health risk, closure of airports/ports etc, industrial disputes, terrorist activity, adverse weather conditions etc.​

Coronavirus Related Cancellations

If you are unable to travel due to coronavirus related travel restrictions we will refund your payment and deposit in full with the following conditions:

  1. Coronavirus related cancellations includes cancellations due to border closures, transport cancellations and quarantine or lockdown.
  2. Full payment for your tour is still due 30 days prior to departure unless you have made alternative arrangements with our office.
  3. Cancellations must be made 21 days prior to your departure date for a full refund of your fare and/or deposit.
  4. There are no refund for cancellations under any circumstance (covid or non-covid related) for cancellations made 14 days or less from departure.
  5. If you have a covid related reason that you cannot travel with 14 days or less notice from departure – we will approach our suppliers on your behalf with the circumstances of your cancellation and pass on any refund that they may give us in full to you. You may be asked to provide some documentation to support your claim in this case.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend travel insurance at the time of booking. 


While the train has no practical weight limit for your luggage – you must be able to lift and carry your own luggage.  This includes carrying up a flight of stairs and carrying over open ground.   Please note that this is an outback tour and that paved areas are the exception rather than the rule (ie. wheeled bags are not an acceptable alternative to carrying your luggage).  

Generally we ask our passengers to limit their luggage to one piece (approx 20Kg) plus a smaller carry-on bag (ie. handbag).

Fitness to travel

By booking with us, you acknowledge and agree that you are fit to travel independently, unless you have fully informed us of any special requirements at the time of making your booking and we have agreed to provide the special assistance to you.  

We require that all our passengers self-assess their fitness to travel -we have an online guide here at

If you think that there may be an issue – please contact us.  We do have a DDA Compliant railmotor and can suggest changes to your tour that may assist with your specific needs.


The Savannahlander is strictly a non-smoking service for all types of cigarettes, cigars and e-cigarettes. This includes smoking in the toilet area and within 5 meters of the doorways and eating areas.

All our accommodation providers operate non-smoking rooms and facilities, although there may be provision for smoking in a Designated Outdoor Smoking Area (DOSA). Please make your enquiry direct to the accommodation provider when you arrive as to the location of the DOSA.

If you would like to smoke while travelling with us you may do so when the train stops for morning tea, lunches etc. Please talk to your friendly driver about the timing and where you can go to smoke at the specific stop.

Please note that we take the comfort and safety of our passengers seriously, passengers found smoking on the train may be asked disembark the train and leave the tour. In the event that you are removed from the tour there are no refunds available for the unused portion of your tour package.

Disability Access, Special Assistance, Medical and Dietary Requirements

We will try to ensure that any special requests or requirements noted at the time of booking can be met by the Savannahlander.

Please advise any dietary requirements including diabetic, coeliac meals; allergies etc. to ensure the necessary arrangements are made before your arrival.  

Please note that all meals are catered for by third parties and while all care is taken we cannot be responsible for the meals that are served. Most providers are happy to provide alternative meals for breakfast and dinners, but morning tea and lunch selections may be more limited.

Please also be aware that you are travelling in remote areas with limited medical access and facilities. Your care in this matter should be related to the severity of your allergic response.

If your reaction is manageable and regarded more as an “intolerance” then you should be fine. You may want to consider bringing some appropriate snacks with you in case you cannot find a suitable morning tea or lunch option available to your needs. There is an “Esky” on the train in which you can keep things cool.

If your allergic response is severe (such as anaphylactic shock), then you may need to consider bringing food with you for your meals. Our providers are happy to facilitate your needs in this respect but cannot provide segregated food preparation environments which may carry a risk of cross contamination. An example is that the chopping boards and utensils may have been used previously with other foodstuffs. Please contact us if you intend to do this.

If you do have the potential for severe reactions, please advise us of the nature of your allergic reaction and access to any medications that you may have with you to treat severe reactions (ie. Epi-pen). On boarding the train please inform the drivers of your medical needs and the location of your medication so they may be able to assist in the event that you are not able to.

The tour operates in remote areas which sometimes have limited medical access.  If you have any doubt about your medical needs please contact us prior to booking to discuss how we may assist.

COVID-Safe travel conditions

The safety of our staff and passengers are always of the highest priority for the Savannahlander. The following new procedures and facilities will be in effect for all travel on the Savannahlander:

  • By booking with us you agree that you have not displayed covid symptoms, are currently being tested or currently under quarantine as directed by a health official.
  • If you develop symptoms of Coronavirus prior to departure, please contact our offices as your booking may be deferred as required.
  • If you develop symptom of Coronavirus prior to departure, you agree NOT TO TRAVEL as this poses a high level of risk to our staff and passengers.
  • Boarding and exit only through the rear doors of the front carriage and forward doors of the rear unit. (with the exception of those requiring use of the DDA compliant wheelchair lift);
  • Social distancing will be encouraged;
  • Increase cleaning and sterilisation procedures during train journeys;
  • Hand washing stations will be located on each rail motor and passengers are encouraged to use them;
  • We have reduced the carrying capacity to approximately 50% to allow for social distancing in the seating pattern;
  • There will be a restriction the amount of free movement of passengers during a train journey (ie. no visiting the drivers areas);
  • We have made changes to food preparation and delivery to minimise contact;
  • Changes to luggage handling – passengers will take their bags to the unused seats adjacent to their seating for the day;
  • We will produce and maintain a “contact tracing manifest” ;
  • Face masks will be available for any persons developing a cough who will be provided a mask and required to wear them.